TMC Innovation designs, manufactures and sells innovative lighting poles. The mission of TMC Innovation is to help cities save energy.
Since its creation in 2006, TMC Innovation received numerous awards for innovation and design.

TMC Innovation is a team of 18 employees. Among them, five are working in the engineering and design department. This creative department is dedicated to finding technical solutions, looking for new ideas, prototyping, among other things.

3000 lighting poles are manufactured by TMC Innovation every year. They have been installed in more than 120 towns in France, such as Paris, Nantes, Lille, and Metz.


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– Marie-Claire POISSEAU +33 240 801 406



We have developed a lighting system that changes depending on the needs of pedestrians and motorists.

A built-in LED ring (at a height of 1.50m) enables councils to turn off the main street lights at night while still maintaining a bright light source. They can therefore save energy without endangering the lives of the general public.


Economic benefits:
– Consumes less electricity (3W instead of 80W)
– Extends lifespan of the light
– Requires less maintenance

Ecological benefits:
– Saves energy
– Reduces light pollution and intrusive lighting

Made with pedestrians and motorists in mind:
– Acts as road markings
– LED ring can be seen from 200m away
– Provides a safe environment for walking and driving
– Attractive design

Political benefits:
– Shows commitment to saving energy and reducing costs

Lunik is patented.


The lighting pole
– EN40 patented
– Cylindrical stepped post top column
– Galvanized steel
– Lunik is adapted to all kinds of lamps.

The LED ring
– Collar made up of small bulbs LED (2W)
– Water-resistant IP66
– Electric transformer 230V/12V (IP44)
– Electrical safety rating class: class II
– Cable H07RNF: length of 1.5m in the connection area
– Accessibility provided in case of failure
– Lifespan of the small LED strip: 50 000 hours (around 10 years)
– Color temperature: 3000°K or 5000°K
– Anti-vandalism IK10
– The collar is integrated on lighting poles which are 3m to 9m high.



– Self-locking cord made of thermoplastic polyurethane with a locking buckle
– Fixed to the lighting pole at any height
– Spreads light on a 360-degree basis
– Can be fixed on cylindrical post top columns as well as cylindrical stepped post top columns with a diameter from 100mm to 160mm (mounting height)


– 3W LED cord
– Electric transformer 230V/12V
– Electrical safety rating: class II
– Cable H07RNF: length of 1.50m in the connection area


– Extremely simple as it only requires a 12mm diameter drill hole in the light pole.
– The instructions in the leaflet or in the short movie must absolutely be followed.



We are looking for partners who would manufacture Lunik under license and distribute it in their country.